From the tiniest and most remote part of the world to the greatest cities on the planet, cryptocurrency affords anyone to tap into the global financial system with just a smartphone.

The internet offered great opportunities at its early days and still offers amazing opportunities today. Blockchain technology today is likened to the early internet days with amazing opportunities which anyone with the right information and motivation and skills could leverage to better their lives.

Nation states can equally exploit it to create a better society. But one thing remains quite striking and will undermine the rate of adoption of this novel technology; the global level of awareness.

Campus Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour BCAT is a crypto program designed to spread awareness of crypto, its benefits, and advantages to millions of people and help guide them towards building careers in the industry. Prior COVID-19, the BCAT Program had been held in 4 tertiary institutions and reached out to over eight (8) thousand students.

WHY JOIN US Event Outcomes

Great Speakers

Learn the best from great men and women that have set the pace in this Blockchain space.

New People

CampusBCAT is an opportunity to meet and network with people that matter, especially in your career.

Have Fun

During the cause of the event, everyone that attended is sure to have a lot of fun with a lot of prizes to be won.

Throughout 2019, Campus BCAT Train moved from one tertiary institution to another teaching and exposing students to the vast opportunities in the crypto industry. The start of 2020 saw the coronavirus take the world by a surprise and crippling businesses and plans. That notwithstanding, the BCAT train must move on. This is why the BCAT Team is organizing a four (4) month crypto educational program targeted at spreading the word to thousands of individuals across Nigeria.

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