What is Campus BCAT?
Campus Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Awareness Tour – Campus BCAT is an educational and awareness creating initiative with focus on tertiary institutions. The purpose of Campus BCAT is to see the growth in the knowledge of cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology among students of the tertiary institutions spread across the country and the continent at large.
Nigeria represents a significant market in the crypto industry in Africa and the world and this position can only be maintained and/or increased by the continued exposure of younger generations to the fascinating promises which the blockchain technology offers both in isolation and in its complementary application with other technologies.

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What is Bitcoin” is the highest searched term from Nigeria at the beginning of 2020 according to Google Trends

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Campus BCAT offers youngsters the opportunity to learn new skills needed in the ever demanding and dynamic 21st century. Campus BCAT desires to take the mission of crypto education across the Nigerian State to other countries exposing people to the ABC of cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, the Blockchain. 

This movement is expected to create millions of new crypto enthusiasts and these would require where to buy their first crypto, where to trade, how to use crypto for daily activities etc. 


Campus BCAT aims to bring quality crypto education to millions of people across Nigeria and Africa at large. It has successfully held several events which saw several thousands of people getting to know of crypto for the first time as well as acquiring their first crypto. However, the successes recorded, there still remains much work to be done. This is why Campus BCAT is calling for sponsors who will work hand in hand with the Campus BCAT team to take crypto education to the next level. 


Our Team
Tony Emeka
CEO, Cryptotvplus
Uloma Anyadike
COO, Cryptotvplus
Sarah Anyanwu

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