Adedayo Adebanjo

Adedayo Adebajo is the current Managing Director of Jelurida Africa DLT.

By profession, he is a Real Estate appraiser, but by practice has successfully discharged the duties of a customer service representative and community manager for establishments such as Multichoice, Poloniex Exchange and recently Jelurida Swiss SA. By experience, he’s had both on-contact, virtual and on-the-web customer management experience. He has also advised for several blockchain projects, trained startups, written numerous articles on blockchain use-cases and adoption, especially in Africa. He has spoken at countless events addressing the masses on Blockchain adoption and processes including organizing blockchain hackathons across several institutions.

He is a visionary and a natural optimistic idealist who sees several creative ways out of every obstacle. One part artist, one part writer, one part entrepreneur, two parts philanthropist and blockchain enthusiast, three parts egalitarian and a whole lot more.